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The Kaolin Beauty Mission

Kaolin Beauty is an ethical, non-toxic, zero-waste makeup and self-care company that strives for both spiritual and environmental excellence. Our goal is to create beautiful makeup and self-care products that are healing for both your skin and soul. We use a heart-centered approach, meaning that all of our ingredients are sourced ethically from suppliers with extremely high standards, and the products themselves are all handmade. Our makeup selection is infused with regeneratively grown herbs that offer a variety of healing benefits, and each product contains beeswax that is sourced from local beekeepers. Kaolin Beauty takes a holistic approach to personal care, ensuring that each customer radiates beauty and self-love both internally and externally.


our ingredients are sourced ethically from suppliers with high standards and the products themselves are certified cruelty free.


our products are made with a combination of natural and organic ingredients free from formaldehydes, parabens, and synthetic dyes.


our products are packaged in a combination of recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable materials.


we offer products and workshops that benefit the emotional and spiritiual wellbeing of our community.

“Kaolin Beauty is not just a makeup company, we are an organization that is working to solve a systemic problem through a very simple and accessible solution.”

- Michelle Beaudette, Founder and CEO

Our Story

The cosmetics industry creates 120 billion units of packaging each year
and is the number one contributor to plastic pollution in the world. The majority of plastic waste is estimated to end up in the ocean or in landfills, where it takes over 400 years to decompose. When plastic from landfills comes in contact with water, it releases toxic foul gases that pollute the environment and cause health issues in both humans and animals. Air pollution from plastic waste has been linked to several health issues heart disease and respiratory problems. It also has a lasting effects on the food chain and our economy.

This issue is something that our founder, Michelle Beaudette, is very passionate about, having grown up on a small farm where she learned about the importance of environmental preservation and sustainability. From the infusion of each makeup product with herbs that are grown using regenerative, soil conscious practices to the plantable seed paper that empowers customers to embody a life of self-sufficiency, various aspects of Michelle’s identity as a farmer and environmental activist are woven into the pillars that make the brand truly unique.

In addition to the environmental piece, Koalin Beauty has a prominant focus on self-care. Each product is linked, through the qr codes on their labels, to different healing rituals and mediatations. Our heart-centered approach is also reflected in the monthly Self-Care Nights and weekly Face Mask Fridays that help supplement the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our community.

Our Process

At Kaolin Beauty, we have a selection of proprietary makeup and self-care products that empower women to make purchasing decisions aligned with supporting their skin, spirituality, and environment. We have several sustainable values including our zero-waste subscription program and partnership with, recycling organization Terracycle. Additionally, our secondary packaging is made of 100% plantable and home compostable seed paper, so you can plant it to grow new life. Each of our cream based products are infused with organic herbs that are grown using regenerative, soil conscious practices and the products are linked to various self-care rituals via the qr codes on their labels. Each product is handmade by our founder, Michelle, in her very own kitchen! She uses a combination of natural and organic ingredients from the creamiest mango kernel butter to the vibrant iron oxides and mica pigments, our products are made with quality ingredients from suppliers with very high standards and a whole lot of love!