The Kaolin Beauty Mission

Kaolin Beauty is an ethical, non-toxic, zero-waste makeup and self-care company that strives for both spiritual and environmental excellence. Our goal is to create beautiful makeup and self-care products that are healing for both your skin and soul. We use a heart-centered approach, meaning that all of our ingredients are sourced ethically from suppliers with extremely high standards, and the products themselves are all handmade. Our makeup selection is infused with regeneratively grown herbs that offer a variety of healing benefits, and each product contains beeswax that is sourced from local beekeepers. Kaolin Beauty takes a holistic approach to personal care, ensuring that each customer radiates beauty and self-love both internally and externally.

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our products are made with a combination of natural and organic ingredients free from formaldehydes, parabens, and synthetic dyes.


our ingredients are sourced ethically from suppliers with high standards and the products themselves are certified cruelty free.


our products are packaged in a combination of recyclable, reusable, and or biodegradable materials.


we offer products and workshops that benefit the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our community.